Turtle Trot 2015

10 projects for 2015 Turtle Trot
The rules:
1. Pick ten pieces to stitch for 2015.
2. Post progress pictures on the 10th of the month.
3. Link up here so we can all admire your progress and cheer for you.
4. Hop around and see how far everyone's gotten and cheer for them.


1. Tiger Dreams (big project)


2. Sheltering Tree


3. Halloween - just cross stitch 2014 halloween issue

4. Home - Stoney Creek winter 2012 magazine


 5. Ryo Mandala Set 1- Ink circles (just 1)

6. Corners & Curves - Rosewood Manor

7. Just For Grandpas - Waxing Moon Designs

8. Blue Own on a Branch- Cherry Hill Stitchery


9. Amethyst Snowflake -Just Nan

10. The QuiltMaker - Lavender and Lace

11. Peregrine Falcon


  1. What a great choice for your new Turtle Trot stitching. I have started The Quiltmaker this year and it's a lot of fun to stitch.

  2. The quilt maker is on my yo to list as well but I'm not going to start it any time soon. I don't think there's any way I could stitch all that next year! I think for a while I will be pretty slow. Good luck on all of them. I will be cheering you on.


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