My Bucket List/Goal List

Since I think I will always have this blog I am going to make a bucket list now on here so I can keep track of the things I hope to get, go, do. I will just to to strive to achieve one of these and I'll be happy!!

1.   Go to San Diego Zoo
2.   Visit the Vatican
3.   Go to Greece and Eat yummy food
4.   Own my own camping trailer
5.   Own a Yorkie (dog)
6.   Learn to crochet something other then granny squarescompleted 2014
7.   Learn to knit something other then a scarf
8.   Work closer to home and be happy in the job
9.   Get a tattoo
10. Actually speak French without effort
11. Loose 50 lbs
12. Go on a cruise
13. Go to the Silver Needle Tulsa
14. Go back to Fargo North Dakota
15. Go back to Calgary/Banff for a visit moved back to calgary 2013
16. Move back to the Soo (retirement)
17. Own a SUV
18. Design a cross stitch pattern
19. Go see a Broadway Show in New York City
20. raise a happy child
21. fix my marriage
22. get licensed as a Pharmacy Technician
23. go on to a place to hold baby tigers
24. go to new Orleans and have a poor boy and see mardigras

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